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The USWHBA Professionals and Consultants listed here are available to adopters and owners to assist them and their equine medical practicioners with issuespertaining to the wild horse or burro.

Official Farriers and Hoof Care Consultants of the USWHBA

Reid Totten (USWHBA Trainer)

Official Equine Dentist and Dental Consultant of the USWHBA

Tom Conger

HorseTenders LLC

Kokal Farm

P.O. Box K

Greefield, NH 03047

Official Equine Message Therapist of the USWHBA

Cyndi Hill

Synergy Equine Bodywork

For more information about Horse Tenders click here.

Equine Massage Therapist

Lyn Kamer, CESMT

(USWHBA Trainer)

Dr. Patricia M. Hogan, DVM.

Hogan Equine at Fairwinds Farm




Click hereto visit Hogan Equine.


Dr. Simon George, DVM.

Deerfield Veterinary Clinic.

150 South Rd. Deerfield, NH

Click hereto visit Deerfield Vet.


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