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About Us

The US Wild Horse and Burro Association, Inc. was founded October 26, 2008 by four volunteers of the Bureau of Land Managements "Adopt a Wild Horseor Burro" program. 

The USWHBA is dedicated to the promotion, adoption, and enjoyment of all of America's wild equine breeds. 

Through education, volunteerism, mentoring, and training, USWHBA achieves the goal of placing wild horses and burros into the hands of kind, caring, and capable adopters. USWHBA makes available to adopters and owners the people and resources neccesary to reach that goal.

The USWHBA is a non political organization. We do not support, nor are we supported by any political party, candidate, or agenda. 

 All funds received by the organization through membership dues, animal registration fees, and donations are used solely for the promotion of the organization and the animals we support.

Due to thevast numbers of wild horses on the range and in holding facilities, the USWHBA does not encourage, support, or endorse the breeding of wildequine once adopted. Purpose bred mustangs and burros are not eligible for registration with the USWHBA.

What we do

The USWHBA works in cooperation with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)and their "Adopt a Wild Horse or Burro program".We help the BLM find suitable adopters and promote the adoption program.

The USWHBA assists past, present, and future adopters by providing them with thehelp and training they need to maintain a rewarding and fun relationship with their animal(s).

USWHBA members work with the BLM through their volunteer program at adoptions, and conduct compliance inspections on newly adopted animals.

The USWHBA maintains a national wild equine registry for it's members.

The USWHBA provides information about wild equine events taking place around the country including, but not limited to shows, trail rides, expos, and clinics.

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USWHBA Inc. is a recognized 501 (c) (3) organization. 

 Donations are tax deductible.

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