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Trainer and Mentor levels I thru V

Level 1 = Trained 1 to 3 animals, learning mentoring.

Level 2 = Trained 4 to 6 animals, some mentoring.

Level 3 = Trained 7 to 9 animals, some mentoring.

Level 4 = Trained 10 to 15 animals, mentoring.

Level 5 = Trained 15 or more animals, professional trainer, mentor.




Kim Dore

Robin Rivello

Level 5 Trainer/Mentor

Level 5 Trainer/Mentor

59 Litchfield Road. Morris, Conn. 06763

23 Hooker Street. Jamesburg, N.J.08831

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Megan Print


To view and print Robin's "Guide for Wild Horse Adopters" 

Level 5 Trainer/Mentor

Cliff Crowl

Level 3 Trainer

Meet Robin's Assistant Trainers Emilie Bromley and Kristen O'bermeir. Click here.

Megan and Cliff can be contacted via US Mail at

13765 Indian Hollow Rd.

Grafton, Ohio 44044

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Lyn Kamer

Level 4 Trainer/Mentor

23114 Maddens Tavern Rd.

Stevensburg, Virginia, 22741

HorseTenders LLC

Level 5 Trainers

Reid Totten

Find a Mentor or Trainer in your region or state.


Kokal Farm

P.O. Box K. Greenfield, NH 03047

Fax (603) 547-2757

Level 5 Trainer/Mentor

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Jana Leniger


Level 4 Mentor and Trainer

Brooke Rhodes

Level 3 Mentor and Trainer

330 N. Wehn St.

Broadwater, Nebraska 69125

Phone (303) 503-1286

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Andrea Maestas

Level 1 Mentor and Trainer

Carrie Shaw

Level 5 Mentor and Trainer

2574 Road 1355E

Oquawka, Illinois 61469

1310 Wooldridge Ferry Rd.

Elizabethtown, Ky. 42701

Phone (270) 219-2727

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